13 June, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride,

7 June 2009, Bachok, Kelantan


_DSC0367Drove back from Bachok, a coastal town in Kelantan after some trouble with the car. Had to cut short the birding and was heading back to Kota Bharu when we spotted a bird on the transmission cable. From far the profile of the bird was not familiar to me. Did a U-turn and headed back towards where I saw the bird, she was still there. It appeared very dark from far but as we started shooting, we realised that it was really a very colourful bird. A lifer: Indian Roller ( Coracias benghalensis)

The field guide says that (for Malaysia) it can only be seen in the coastal north-west and east Peninsular Malaysia.



  1. Beautiful and great photos.
    I have never seen this. It look like Dollar Bird but with different colour pattern.

  2. They are actually related. The Dollar Bird is also known as the Dollar Roller.

  3. The Indian Roller is new to me too and I am seeing this good photo for the first time, thanks for sharing. Great find huh?

    Did you say you are based in KL and many of your post are Birds from Kelantan.

    I spent 5 years in KB during my Secondary schooling.

  4. Those photos are the result of 3 days of birding around KB, Sabak and Bachok during the school holidays. Went back for an engagement ceremony- not mine! I'm a Sultan Ismail College (SIC) old boy. I'm actually based in Tmn Melawati, KL.