21 June, 2009

Holy Water- you dont get this just anywhere!

20 June 2009, Bukit Rengit, Pahang.

Saw this male Banded Woodpecker (Chrysophlegma mineaceus) inspecting a hole in a tree. I thought maybe I’ll get lucky and get some shots of this bird in front of the nesting hole. Upon further observation, the hole looked kind of strange because it was facing upwards!
He was in fact inspecting a heart-shaped jacuzzi- the hole was full of water that had collected and he didn’t waste anytime stepping in.


_DSC0102 1. Aaaaaaahhhh, Nothing like a nice cool bath on a hot day
_DSC0097 2. Lal lalal lalaaaaa
_DSC0104 4. A good shake.
_DSC0103 3. Grrrrr

_DSC0105 5. And we’re done