29 June, 2009

My First Hornbill- It’s Great!

28 June 2009, Old Pump House Road, Gohtong Jaya

They probably could hear us on Genting Highland! There was a lot to cheer about for the four of us, myself, two elder brothers and my son Ilyas. This was the first Hornbill for all of us.

It was raining since early morning in Taman Melawati but we still took a chance to go. When we arrived it was still raining! Decided to start walking up at about 9.00am, still drizzling. Was hit by a minor bird wave in front of the entrance gate. Continued up the slope for about 500m when we heard the familiar sound of a Hornbill. All hands on deck and eyes scanning the area, we finally saw him, on a huge tree about 100m from where we were. No way to get closer, severely limited by a 400mm lens and still misty, these are highly cropped photos of my lifer, a male Great Hornbill (Buceros bicornis).


I gave myself a small birding license after getting my first Broadbill. So after almost 2 yrs of serious birding this Hornbill is the license I was really waiting for!

_DSC0343 _DSC0347
_DSC0351 _DSC0352


  1. Congratulation on your GREAT finding!.
    I heard and saw this big bird very high up, but no pic. This is a residence hornbill at GohTong Jaya and Yen got a very clear picture of this and once put it as a header pic of his blog.

  2. so, he is still there at the Old Pump House Road huh, good find.