09 June, 2009

Gymnast Sunbird Gone Bananas

Kota Bharu, Kelantan, 5th June 2009.
Was testing my flashgun on this Heart of a Banana Tree (local name:Jantung Pisang) when I spotted some movements through my viewfinder. A male Brown-Throated Sunbird (Anthreptes malacensis) had landed on the heart and performing gymnastics to get to the banana flowers. Here are some of the movements: how did he score?
Handspring front - forward entry onto the vault, front flip off, done in the tucked position, with a ½ twist.

Tkatchev - from handstand on high bar, swing down release, fly over high bar in straddle position to regrasp.
Arch - the body is curved backwards ready for a dismount.


  1. Ha,ha! (LOL), very good coach or commentator.
    Beautiful 'gymnast' photos and your flash extender works very well here.

  2. Oh, forget the score.
    Perfect 10!

  3. TQ for the info on the extender Doc. Would't have been able to take these photos without it.