12 June, 2009

Little Grebe of Bidor

Bidor, Perak,10 June 2009
Detoured to Bidor, the World Petai Trade Centre, after a meeting in Ipoh to replenish my supply of fresh petai. I’ve read somewhere that there are ponds there full of water birds. Didn’t know exactly where they were but decided to try my luck. Saw a sign saying FRIM Bidor. Took a turning to the reseach facility and hit the bull's eye, a few ponds with herons and water fowls.

One tip: Stay in and shoot from your car. You can get closer to the birds than if you’re trodding around with the tripod. I found out the hard way after spending one hour in the 2.30 pm sun.
_DSC0541 _DSC0599
An adult Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis) in breeding plumage. The partner didn’t come close enough to be photographed.  


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  1. this bird is what I have been planning to capture for the longest time, need to fu=ind time to visit the north soon.