22 June, 2009

Blue-Crowned Hanging-Parrot

20 June 2009, Bukit Rengit, Pahang

Other than the sighting of a few hornbills in flight( no photos), a few Broadbills and woodpecker, it was rather quiet at Bukit Rengit. This female Blue–Crowned Hanging Parrot (Loriculus galgulus) gave us something to cheer about and end the day on a high note. A lifer



  1. Beautiful 'serindit'. I think this a female specimen.
    Found any Trogon there?.

  2. Actually went there for Trogons but no luck. Too many cars. About 40 cars bearing Singapore plates in a convoy,and there was a motivational prog at the Pusat Biodiversiti (at leasat 50 cars went past bearing stickers) and buses full of school children. My first time there, so didn't know where the hotspots were. Any info? Maybe better luck next time.

  3. I have seen them there twice too, but no good photo, good catch.