12 June, 2009

Black-Backed Swamphen of Bidor

Continuing the Bidor series.


I counted 6 of these Swamphens feeding. Couldn’t get them in one photo.


Lifer: Black-Backed Swamphen (Porphyrio indicus). Their feeding ground is the floating island of vegetation. Look at those feet! The adult Swamphens have a silvery wash on their faces compared to the juveniles.

The deep-purple blue makes the hen stand out against the green background
This is probably a juvenile. Time to get a french manicure!
  Out of the 80-90 shots taken only 6 captured the long fingertoes.



  1. Beautiful set.
    I never seen this bird. Somebody said this species can walk on water.

  2. I don't think so Doc, didn't see any walking on water.

  3. They are light footed, but definitely not for walking on water, but instead for feeding - literally holding the weeds with their toes before pecking at them. Incredible 'feat' for a bird.