10 August, 2011

Golden-Bellied Gerygones

31st July 2011, Taman Melawati, Selangor


‘Ayah (Dad) !, I think it is a lifer’. That was what my son Ilyas told me after returning from his daily football game with  friends. He said he had seen two ‘new’ birds and a nest.  Curious, I asked him to bring me to the location the next morning. True enough there was a pair of ‘new’ birds and a bulb shaped nest on a branch overhanging a monsoon drain. After an ID check it turned out that these are Golden-bellied Gerygones (Gerygone sulphurea) , supposedly quite common birds although I’ve never come across the species before. Some refer to them as Flyeaters instead of Gerygones.

A monotypic species meaning both male and female look very similar. These photos are of both sexes but sorry I’m not able to distinguish which is which.



















09 August, 2011

Emerald Dove

30th July 2011, Ulu Perdik, Selangor


A Dove was on the list of target birds on this trip for a few members of the group but unfortunately it was a different Dove that came. I think this one could be a male judging by the whitish patch on the wings.




05 August, 2011

Green Broadbills: At last!

9th July 2011, Ulu Perdik, Selangor


You mean you haven’t got your Green Broadbills yet!  It’s the usual reaction that I get from other bird photographers/ birders when I tell them that I’ve yet to photograph this Broadbill.

Finally I can  close the book on  Broadbills after photographing my lastl species taht can be seen here  in Malaysia.

The day started with this beautiful female




The male has  black ear coverts , has more feathers on the upper mandilble








It seems that the female is more approachable and tend to stay longer on one perch than the male. The same was observed when we saw the female again on 30/07/11. The male came and went in  a matter of a few seconds.


Most probably the same female shot on 30/07/11