17 June, 2009

Now I know why they call her ‘Crazy’.

6th June 2009, Kota Bharu, Kelantan ( behind my parent’s house)

She makes you want to pull your hair out! In malay they call her Murai Gila (Gila means crazy), not in any way related to the Gila Monster.( No, not that kind of monster: they only have that monster problem in Japan). Nearly went bonkers trying to get this bird in the viewfinder let alone in focus. She just couldn’t sit still for one second. Managed to get these exclusive shots of this Pied Fantail (Rhipidura javanica) before going nnnnnnnnuts!

May not be the best looking bird around but I’m still crazy for you (Hmmm.. sounds familiar).

It was probably over 40 degrees C when we were in Kelantan, those tail would have surely helped! Sorry I must be losing my mind.



  1. Weh...comel gilo!, tange demo cepat gilo! :-)

  2. Doc, I wasn't aware that you could speak 3 languages too!

  3. For the benefit of those non-Kelantanese speaking readers, I will translate Tabib's comment:
    Weh... beautiful like crazy, your hand quick like crazy!:-)