18 February, 2012

Purple Swamphens

28th December 2011, Bidor , Perak

Local name: Pangling

Scientific Name: Porphyrio porphyrio

The last time I was there only one swamphen was sighted and it got me  kinda worried. Some parts of the swamphen’s  regular feeding area had been fenced up and the pond looked dry. The reason being the stream had been diverted  into a commercial pond and as a result  the liilies and water hyacinth , the swamphen’s main diet were gone.

On this visit the ponds looked green a lush with the water hyacinth in full bloom, the water  was flowing again into the pond, and the swamphens?……….they are back and .thriving!.






Perfectly adapted for life on the floating vegetation, their long toes and large bill make short work of the soft water hyacinth  shoots  .




A juvenile bird  startled by an unwelcomed  visitor. The adult bird wasted no time in getting away from the imminent danger.


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