16 February, 2012

Cotton Pygmy Geese

28th December 2011, Bidor , Perak

Local Name: Itik Kapas

Scientific Name: Nettapus coromandelianus

Stopped over in Bidor on my way back from Ipoh just to check out the ponds. There were not many birds around when I first arrived with the usual species providing some action for a tired birder after a along drive. The rain put a halt to any hope of walking around the ponds. After a short nap it was one last look  before  starting the engine to head home. To my surprise I could see some splashes in the miidle of the  pond and upon closer scrutiny using the bins revealed a group of about 10 Cotton Pygmy geese feeding and playing in  between the water lilies. They were mostly juveniles, one adult female and no adult male (which otherwise would have made it more interesting).










Swimming on a bed of diamonds!




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