05 July, 2010

Rusty-Breasted Cuckoo: not Himalayan

4th July 2010, Kemensah, Selangor.

A startled  female Himalayan Cuckoo ( Cuculus saturatus) formerly known as the Oriental Cuckoo ( probably a juvenile) flew across the trail in her effort for a quick get away. She paused for a short while before flying deeper into the forest.  Lifer

Update: 7th July 2010.  I’ve been reviewing the photos of this bird and I think I have made a mistake in the ID. I think she’s a Rusty-breasted Cuckoo with some strange   barrings on the upperpart (wings).  The barrings on the underside are less pronounced than that of the Himalayan. Anyway, I think it is now off season for Himalayan Cuckoos. Sorry guys.

Just too many branches in the way for a clean shot.




  1. Great capture under such a challenging condition! I don't even have one that's in focus, well done, Madi...

  2. That's a really smart looking bird Madi na dit looks very wary. I think you did well to get such a good photo of it/ Cuckoos aere always wary - for good reason I guess.

  3. Good shots of those tricky birds, cuckoos are usually hard work.

  4. New species again...Congratulation! Cuckoos, even the most common one, always wary. Easy to hear the sound but hard to see, to shoot even harder.

  5. New species again? Congratulation! Cuckoos always hard to shoot. You did a great job.

  6. Hmm this one is interesting....It looks so strange, not like typical juvenile Himalayan Cuckoos I've seen.