11 July, 2010

Another Round: Whiskered Treeswifts

10th July 2010, Kemensah, Selangor.

The same couple that  lost their chick were  incubating a new egg. To answer my question, they did not reuse the old nest ( no longer there) but had chosen a different tree to build their nest. Their previous chick died on 10th June 2010 and I suspect that they have been  brooding the new egg for a couple of weeks now.

This was what the White-throated Kingfisher was eyeing. She was later chased away by one of the treeswifts ever so wary of intruders.

Unlike the previous round, I will only be making weekly checks on their progress.






  1. Great shots Madi, hope they'll succeed this time. Looking forward to your weekly updates.

  2. Very nice series of this beautiful treeswift!
    I always like observing treeswifts at their nests. In northern Thailand, we have Crested Treeswift, which often builds its nest on electric pole!