28 July, 2010

Hatched : Whiskered Treeswift

25th July 2010, Kemensah, Selangor.

Image (below) taken on Saturday 17th July 2010. The egg was still intact. (Earlier post when the egg was spotted)


Steadfastly guarding the nest. ( taken 25th July 2010). I suspected that the egg had hatched by then. Waited for about 30 minutes for the bird to leave the nest, thumb on the remote trigger button.


The parent bird  flew away from the nest for the changeover,  just for a few seconds, long enough for me to put in  one long burst of shots. This is what she’s protecting, a chick!


I don’t know exactly how old the chick was, could be 3-4 days, and she’s already growing the short pin feathers.


You need good camouflage in such an exposed position.



The chick is the blob on the  nest


Shielding the chick from the blazing sun.



  1. Fanstatic observation hope this time it is successful

  2. Great, put together the video clip in the end and submit to Nat Geo.

  3. Great work Madi, let's pray that this one will survive to be adult and contribute to the population of W Treeswift in Kemensah.

  4. I would never have believed that this could be a successful way to perpetuate the species! Amazing how minimal the nest is.