29 May, 2010

Whiskered Treeswift ,Incubating Update: Video1

29th May 2010, Kemensah, Selangor.

Day 14 ( from discovering the egg): 
The egg was visible today, still unhatched. The male bird was doing some maintenance to the nest by adding new saliva that holds the nesting materials together

My first attempt at a video on the blog. Sorry for the quality.

Glueing  fresh feathers to the edge of the nest. The chick must be coming soon!


The nest and egg  clearly visible




  1. That is just an amazing bird Madi and your video is great so don't apologise. That egg looks pretty big for the size of the swift. Brilliant work on your behalf.

  2. Phil is right, no need to apologize for the video! He looks ready to defend the nest in the last photo.

  3. More info at BESG site here.

  4. Anxiously waiting for the arrival of 'Madi Junior'! Great work Madi...