23 May, 2010

Incubating ( Update 2 ): Whiskered Treeswift

22nd  May 2010 (Saturday), Kemensah, Selangor.

DAY 7 (from discovering the egg). From what I had read the incubation period is between 18-20 days and  about 30 days for the chick to fledge. Still a long way to go!


The  morning downpour had left the female soaking wet. Egg still  not hatched. I was concerned for the birds and the nest because we had two days of thunderstorms and strong wind. Looks like she’s OK.


The male was nearby on another tree,  resting and sometimes making his hunting passes for insects.




  1. Not to worry, the W Treeswift has a good foster Dad!, when the chick arrive I'll name it 'Madi Junior'... ha ha ha...

  2. What an amazing looking bird Madi, the colouration doesn't seem suited to a life in jungle habitat. great pictures and story - keep us informed please.

  3. Very nicely protected. They will hatch! Hopefully a pair.

  4. 'Madi Junior',yes a nice ring to it ;)
    W Treeswift lays only one egg so hopefully we will get to see one hatchling.