16 May, 2010

Mission Accomplished: Blue-Banded

15th May 2010, Kemensah, Selangor.

Last week he didn’t give me enough time to get ready and there was no second chance. This time  I was ready and waiting, thumb on the trigger button.

Didn’t have to wait very long (about 5 minutes)  before he appeared on his regular perch, the overflow pipe.


To see a Blue-Banded Kingfisher  so close to  Kuala Lumpur  is just amazing. One big blue ribbon for Kemensah.


Mission Blue-Banded: Accomplished.




  1. One more mission.
    For natural perch at clear green bokeh.;)

  2. Nice capture, Madi. Hope it's still there when I get back to KL end of the month!

  3. Congrats! The last time I saw this species (female) was at Taman Rimba Ampang. Now no more. Beautiful Shots!

  4. Now is to get the rufous fronted..............congrats!