18 May, 2010

Red-Throated Sunbird

15th May 2010, Kemensah, Selangor.

A pair of  Red-Throated Sunbirds (Anthreptes rhodolaemus) were  happily  getting their  supply of nectar.  The male is  very colourful  with the iridescent  green and purple.




The less colourful female looking rather curious.




  1. As usual, excellent shots of this very active bird! Keep it up Madi !

  2. The throat looks brown to me. ;)

    Unlike Brown-throated with is abundant at backyard and park, this Red-throated is forest bird.

  3. You captured the iridescence feathers on the male beautifully!

  4. Hey, beautiful array of clours and beautiful, couple that you got. Your Macanranga still fruiting. Check mine - in July lah! Saw the buds over the weekend.

  5. Hi Madi

    I am a bit puzzled by this pair. The male has a mix of Red-throated and Brown (Plain)-throated features - the ear coverts look reddish-brown rather than olive-brown (good for RT) but the wing coverts are brown, not red (good for BT); The underparts are rather pale yellow (good for RT). The female bird is certainly not BT but doesn't look like RT either - more like Crimson or Purple-throated! Any more pics?

  6. Hi Dave,
    Actually the female puzzles me too, but I assumed that she was an RT coz they were together and moving as a pair. Maybe an interracial marraige going on here! There's another pix of the female but its a bit blurr, I'll email it to you.Better get to the bottom of this mystery. Thanks Dave.

  7. Hi Madi

    Having seen your extra pics I have revised my opinion - I think both are Red-throated. The other shots show the eye-crescents of the female better than the shot posted. The male is interesting, as it shows much less 'red' colouration on the coverts than a bird I photographed. Perhaps it's an age thing. Thanks, Dave

  8. Thanks all.Thanks Dave for the confirmation.