04 February, 2010

Yellow-Vented Bulbul: I Remember (2)

31st January 2010, Backyard




Her  entire outlook changes when she gets excited and started calling for her mate. Jekyll & Hyde? No, more like Cinderella!



Being the most common of  the Bulbuls, they are often overlooked. I shoot them whenever I get the chance, seen here perching on my neighbour’s fence. Locally known as Merbah Kapur they are good subjects to hone your photographic skill.


  1. This is our trash bird, just like the red whiskered to us, the Thai goes crazy when they see a Yellow-vented in their path. I was just preparing another write up on yellow-vented as well.

  2. I saw a couple the other day, not that common in my area of Thailand. Photographs were poor but enough to confirm ID.

    Although I am not Thai I wonder what "wonersf" meant about the Thais going crazy when they see this common bird?