23 February, 2010

Just Checking: Blue-Eared Kingfisher

22nd February 2010, Taman Melawati, Selangor


Had very limited time last weekend for birding so decided to just check up on our little friend nearby and see how she’s getting along. I was thinking maybe she’ll let me have some improvement shots.

She’s still there and was very obliging , kept coming back to the same perch and stayed for a few minutes each time.




  1. nice one bro, I have always wanted to ask you where is Taman Melawati and which turning should I be taking if I am approaching from the Duke highway, I wanted a better shot of this fella if I may.

  2. Wow... great lighting!.
    I'm waiting for you to post the fish-in-mouth shoots. ;)

  3. If your coming fr DUKE/ Batu Caves, head for the Zoo. Before the Zoo turn left before the flyover into Taman Melawati. Go straight past the Petrol stations( Caltex & BHP) past the schools until U reach a roundabout. Take 12.O clock, about 100m is a Blue Mosque on your left, park in front of the mosque. Across the road there are 2 Oxidation Ponds, walk along the path/stream in between the brick-fenced pond until stream meets the river. The BE Kingf will be on the tree( branch overhanging the stream) right at the T across the small stream ( set your gear right at the T and wait). Sometimes she will rest at the foot of the bamboo 50m before the T.
    Good luck and good hunting.

  4. Great shots! Just love them. I just found a places to shoot this little fella at Hulu Perdik last week. But the bg is not as good as yours. So...with your detailed direction I thought I want to give a try at your place this week. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Incredible.
    To get that on a webpage.
    It seems to come right at you.
    And those fabulous colours.

  6. I missed the guy, the week before last. At the pond in Kemensah, just by the fish pond and the road. he was faster on the draw. I came home empty handed. Thanks for the new location.

  7. Always a pleasure to watch KFs...excellent shots again

  8. With the good description, found the place. Waited for 2.5 hours no show. Found its home too and the bird flew pass 2 times without stopping.

  9. Yes, they can be rather unpredictable. Usually she's active between 8.00-9.30 am. Better luck next time.