17 December, 2009

Running-in the AFS 300: It’s not a Meserati

17th  December 2009, Taman Melawati OP, Selangor

My Nikkor 80-400mm VR lens has been in and out of the workshop several times (It’s  still in the workshop waiting for a spare part to arrive). I’ve tried using the lens on several outings after it  crashed to the ground and the IQ hasn’t been the same. It has been very frustrating ever since.

After much labouring over  the lens I’ve decided to go for a replacement. No, It’s not my dream lens ,the 500mm f/4 but something much shorter. I’ve finally gone for a Nikkor AFS 300mm f/4 prime after reading  lots of excellent reviews  on this lens and how it maintains the image quality even with a 1.4X-1.7X Teleconverter attached. The other consideration was the budget: your pocket need not be very deep for this  baby.

This afternoon I took the new lens for  a short  first outing before the start of the  Malaysia/ Vietnam football final ( yay…. we won after 20 yrs, congratulations boys).  My 1.4x Kenko teleconverter which hasn’t seen action for a very very long time was also put to the test.




Exif data: ISO 400,  420mm f/7.1  1/320s  , mounted on a Nikon D90 on tripod.

The 3oomm f/4 + 1.4X combo means it is now a 420mm f5.6 lens with fully functional autofocus.


I think the photos speak for themselves. The Little Herons were kind enough to pose as  test models.




  1. Wow!...super duper sharp images.
    Tahniah on your prime lens!
    Ok, got to to Fraser's now.

  2. Looks like it's working great and you're going to have lots of fun with it.

  3. Fantastic! Those first 2 photos are real works of art! I love how the feathers are highlighted with with a white outline. The composition, with the bird and barbed wire in super-sharp focus and the background is totally non-intrusive, is very effective!

  4. the photos are very sharp and no regret my friend. have you try it under low light condition yet?