12 December, 2009

Orange–Bellied Leafbirds

11th December 2009, Awana trail, Pahang

They brought colours to an otherwise grey and misty day. These Orange-Bellied Leafbirds (Chloropsis hardwickii) were the early birds that I saw after the mist lifted.  The males are more  striking with black colored throat.




The female





This was the first time that I was able to get close enough for some decent shots. One thing I’ve noticed: highland birds are not easily spooked and are easier to photograph.




  1. Nice and sharp of colourful bird.

  2. great shots and it is always to see new pose/composition.

    I ran into the Rudy King twice at Kemensah...No chance of shooting because there were just one too many dirt bike riders around on Sunday...

  3. Outstanding Photography,top notch.