08 December, 2009

Day of the Hornbills

6th December 2009, Awana trail, Pahang









It was  my first trip to this location ( thanks to Yen for directions). Arrived there at 7.15 am.  The objectives were the Hill Blue and Mugimaki flycatchers.

This was how the day began, dark and misty. It was cold (yes, not cool) and it felt even colder in the  slight breeze. The hills were shrouded in  low  clouds  cutting off most of the much needed light.

  It wasn’t  ideal condition for birding but it was interesting to see how the landscape changes with the light .



The mist started to clear  about an hour later. That was when a Racket –Tailed Drongo ( with only one trailing tail feather) alighted onto a dead tree, probably to signal  the start of that day’s birding.

Then the jungle started to come alive. From far I could see a group of Siamang  howling away.

Then the valley  resounded  with the calls of the Hornbills, I knew they were quite close. Probably harassed by the Siamang a pair of Great Hornbills appeared from the thick jungle and flew up the valley. What a sight that was!

_DSC0552 The first  Great hornbill  flying gracefully up the valley


The second hornbill  following her mate.


On the way back to the car I met a group of 3 birders (from Shah Alam) with cameras and scopes trained on a nearby tree. This is what they were shooting, a female Rhinocerous Hornbill  (Buceros rhinoceros). My Lifer of the day. 


She hops on the branches




Up up and away………………………………then she was gone.

Not bad for a first trip, not bad at all.




  1. Congratulation!
    This are resident bird there. I saw it at Old Pump trail, but fail to photograph it.

  2. i am glad that you are happy with the trip.

  3. Thank you so much for these pics !!!

    They are verry nice.