07 July, 2009

SOS: Crested Goshawk

5 July 2009, 2km from Simpang Tiga Ijok, Selangor.

Driving back to KL from Sekinchan, We saw a raptor right in the middle of the busy road. Immediately stopped the car and my brother , Rosly, jumped out to try and save the bird from being run over by traffic. It was a juvenile Crested Goshawk. She didn’t look too good. Something’s happening to these birds around this area, they are dropping down like flies. We saw another one about 10km down the road, dead .

_DSC0795 _DSC0796




  1. Put her back inside the oil palm estate beside the road. I dont know whether she will survive.

  2. You should bring that bird to vetenary department for a check-up.
    It could be avian flu outbreak!.

  3. I've asked my brother to go and have a check-up for H5N1. Are there any temporary shelter for birds should this situation arise again?

  4. I don't think they have any shelter for suspected case. I know they cull them.
    You can contact Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar at pro@dvs.gov.my