02 July, 2009

Miss X- need help to ID

28 June 2009, Old Pump House Road, Gohtong Jaya

I will end the Old Pump House Road series with this request for help.

She’s really tiny, slightly bigger than your thumb. Cute little fella, a pair of them. Both look the same. Been trying to ID this bird without success. Any idea?




  1. Good catch!
    I think this is a Flycatcher - female Rufous-chested Flycatcher . The one on the right is a juvenile.

  2. Great images,very interesting Blog with fantastic Photography.

  3. A very good suggestion.I agree that it could be a Rufous chested flycatcher but i have 2 problems.1. No eyering and the shape of the eye is really rounded not oval of the flycatcher. 2.the wing tips aren't long enough, common features of the flycatchers.
    Looks like i'm still stuck.
    She has a face of a babbler, don't you think,I may be wrong here.