21 July, 2009

Blue-Eared Kingfisher- my little blue diamond

19 July 2009, Kemensah, Selangor




We knew from the previous trip that there was a small kingfisher in the area but wasn’t sure of the species. Just as we were approaching the area a dozen or so mountain bikers went past us and stopped to rest next to the pond. We thought ‘there goes our chance of a Kingfisher’.

Without pinning any high hopes we scouted along the banks. Then we saw a tiny bird on a dead tree trunk over on the other side of the pond. Yes! A Blue-Eared Kingfisher (Alcedo meninting) local name: Pekaka Bintik-bintik , doing what it does ever so well, hunting for fish. She’s a juvenile.

Finally after almost eight months of staring at a blurry picture from my first encounter with this Kingfisher, these are better photos for us to enjoy.








The cheeks and ear coverts of this juvenile haven’t turned blue of the adult bird. This is the only photo showing the blue colour on the back. Based on the colour of the crown bars it could be a male.










Soaking wet after a series of diving attacks into the disused fish pond.




Observing the fish below.


  1. Beautiful!
    She was so cool, and posed for you from different angles.
    This is one of my wanted list.

  2. This fell continue to give me a good chase around because I have spotted him many times and yet I could not get a "click".

    Great captured.