21 August, 2010

Fly ‘Hakem’ Fly: Whiskered Treeswift

21st August 2010, Kemensah, Selangor

The tree where they nested was covered in new green leaves and the surrounding vegetation looked lush after  the spell of wet weather we’ve had.


The nest was still there but the swiftlet and the parent birds were nowhere to be seen._DSC0002

Later I saw  the parents flew to a nearby tree. Still no sign of the swiftlet. Had she fledge or had she become another casualty of our recent unsettled weather?

Dad  resting after  sallying for insects_DSC0019 Mom just looking on._DSC0018
Still no sign of the swiftlet….. I guess I will never know what had happened to her.

20 minutes had passed when I heard a faint but familiar sound coming from a Rambutan tree behind me, it’s the swiftlet! She had fledged and judging by the rather sluggish way she flew and a few aborted landings she must have fledged  quite recently, maybe yesterday or even today!_DSC0008
It’s a  male based on the barely visible rufous ear coverts.    Yes, …….. I will name thee ‘Hakem’.
He  flew onto a dead tree  up the slope
This was the last I  saw ‘Hakem’ when I lost sight of him after he flew further into the orchard. I waited  for another half an hour should  he return to the area…… no luck. Probably he just came  to say goodbye. 


In conclusion, the chick fledged after   27-30 days ( my best estimates). Thanks for briefly letting me into their lives,  at least there’s a happy ending to this story.

Adios Amigos.   

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  1. How wonderful to see a successful breeding by the tree swifts! I like your new header photo of little Hakem. Great job on finding and following this nest.


  2. Hi,

    Great efforts on the finding and documenting the progress of nesting. It is wonderful to have a happy ending on the breeding.

  3. What an ending to this story! It proved that patience and perseverance are usually the keys to success, not only to these birds but also to the photographer as well. Thanks Madi, for sharing the lovely story.

  4. After seeing how high and inacessible the nest was, I'm even more amazed by your efforts and results Madi.

  5. Congratulation to "Papa Hakim" and baby Hakem!

  6. What a cute series of this treeswift. You haven't been updated the blog for quite a while, waiting to see more from Malaysia!

  7. Salam Madi
    Really good work. I jenguk kat luar flet tengok bulbul making nest and wonder! You really into birdwatching...really worthwhile preoccupation. Take care Madi.