07 August, 2010

Chick’s Progress 2: Whiskered Treeswift

7th August 2010, Kemensah, Selangor

The sky was overcast and it looked like rain was coming. Although the lighting was poor, I was determined to make my way to the nest to see how the chick was doing.  ( Previous post of the chick)

My heart dropped when I looked through the camera and saw this,’where’s the chick’?  Later I spotted some movements at the belly of the  male adult bird. _DSC0012

What a relief when I saw   the chick as soon as the parent bird flew from the nest. She looked so different from a week ago as more feathers grew. She had outgrown the nest which  had been left unmaintained by the parent birds._DSC0172


Mom  came back to continue shielding the chick from the elements.



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