29 April, 2010

Fit for a King

24th April 2010, Kemensah, Selangor.

I  was  waiting for the Blue Banded Kingfisher, trying very hard not to be seen. Somehow I was spotted by two guys from the Paintball operator who politely asked me to leave the area for fear of being hit by stray bullets. Apparently they were about to have  a guerilla-style shootout inside the jungle where I was having my stakeout. Packed my gear and started walking out from the clearing  towards the trail leading to the fish pond. My eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of  something blue on a bamboo over the stream- a juvenile female Blue-Eared  .  So far I’ve shot her  perched on  ropes and drainage pipes, this time it’s in a natural setting fit for the King.

I had to be quick before the bullets started flying!







  1. Nive looking fellow! You mean the Banded fellow never came near at all?

  2. Saw the Blue Banded a few times but no pics to show.

  3. This is HRH Crown Prince. ;)
    So cute the last one.

  4. So great! You have all kind of pics of the king. Beautiful!