14 April, 2010

Fire-Tufted Barbet

11th April 2010, Fraser’s Hill, Pahang.


My son Ilyas and I decided to go to Fraser’s Hill on Sunday. Our last trip there was almost a year ago ( 1st May 2009 Labour Day) and we headed straight for the Telekom Loop after coming up from the Gap at 9.00am. It’s  a  nice change from my regular  low land haunt in Kemensah. 
We saw about 5-6 Fire-Tufted Barbets (Psilopogon pyrolophus) feasting themselves on fruits from this tree.


  1. Fantastic bird photos as always! I really want to see this Barbet next time I'm in Malaysia.

  2. Great catch!
    This big bird produce very funny cicada like sound.

  3. Another lovely barbet photo. What a great famiily of birds they are Tabib. More please!

  4. I think Its time that I should be heading for that tree. Hopeful that the fruits are still left. I called that my "Barbet tree."

  5. This was along Lady Guillemard Rd 150m before the Loop.