10 May, 2012

Hooded Pitta: Sad Case

11th March 2012, Shah Alam, Selangor

Local Name: Burung Pacat Gembala Pelandok

Scientific Name: Pitta sordida

A juvenile Pitta in her habitat , a small patch of jungle before  the undergrowth was cut and ‘cleared’  by unscrupulous  so-called Bird Photographers to provide unobstructed shooting lines. Mention the word ‘Code of Birding Ethics’ and most Bird Photographers here would scratch their heads or offer you  wry smiles, in their hearts maybe saying ‘ who ‘s this smart Aleck?”. A sad state of affair and a bit paradoxical as far as the concern for birds and  habitat by those who have chosen this creature as their source of pleasure.

Some even go to the extent of going into the bird’s nesting/ feeding area to introduce ‘foreign   perch’ just to obtain shots with cleaner backgrounds.

These pictures were taken two weeks before the area  ( in a public park where one has to pay to enter) was  ‘cleared’ by unknown Bird Photographers . .

News of what had happened to this bird  has spread within the local birding community , either by word of mouth or through the internet bird forums. Let us hope that it is a lesson learned, and  that it has created better awareness on more  ethical practices especially for this region.









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