07 April, 2012

Mangrove Pittas

10th March 2012, Ayer Itam Dalam, Pulau Pinang

Local Name: Burung Pacat Bakau

Scientific Name: Pitta megarhynch

Mention the word ’Pitta’ and your mind will  be flooded with images  of  strong colours   coming together  on a sleek beautiful body. The Mangrove Pitta is one of a few species of Pittas which can be found in the Peninsular and  as the name suggests they are most at home in the swampy mangrove  habitat , mainly along the west coast of the Malaysian peninsular.

I don’t usually travel far for my birding but the lure  of the Pittas were simply irresistable since the oportunity to shoot a rare species  as the Mangrove Pitta is,  doesn’t come everyday. The first day was a big let down when the birds failed to show up. On the second day things began to hot up very early when we heard their repeated calls at about 9.00am. Finally there they were, a pair of Pittas right in front of our eyes in their full glory.







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