16 October, 2011

Silent Killer: Brown Wood Owl

1st October 2011, Fraser’s Hill, Pahang.

A lifer from Fraser’s Hill, the Brown Wood Owl. She’s a large,  magnificent  bird with beautiful colours ,  full vermiculations on the belly and barrings on the tail feathers. She would perch quietly  waiting for the opportunity to  swoop down on the large  rhinocerous beetles, grabbing  them in mid air.


It’s just amazing how stealthy they are, you  neither hear any flapping of the wings nor the whooshing sound of the bird going through the air…… everything achieved  in complete silence.


Date & Time of Capture: 01/10/2011,    0:57:34         Exposure: 1/20   f/6.3 ,    ISO Speed Rating: ISO 3200 ,      Focal Length: 300 mm          Distance to subject: 8.91 m,         Exposure Program: Manual,    Metering: Spot ,    Exposure Bias: 3 EV,     Mirror lock-up  with cable release       Flash: Did not fire,  lighting from a single  LED  torchlight .     Camera & Lens: NIKON D7000,  300.0 mm  f/4.0





  1. I pity the bird if 20 of you flashing................

  2. There was only one torchlight and there was no flash used.

  3. Great shots of this magnificent owl! Too bad I missed it while I was staying at Fraser's Hill in March.

  4. I love owls, they are so funny! It's hard to believe that such a cute creature is a tough killer! It looks so surprised on the last picture :)