21 April, 2011

Near Miss: Large Niltava Chick

16th April 2011, Gunung Ulu Kali, Genting Highland, Pahang


From our car it looked like a strange looking leaf.  Just out of curiosity I told my brother to stop the car as we went  directly over, then I saw this…..  a little bird still asleep in the middle of the road!  Phew .. a very near miss. Took her to the roadside where she woke up and began hopping and taking short flights.

I was told later that this could be a Large Niltava chick. There was in fact  an adult Niltava in the area when we were taking these shots.












  1. lovely capture, first time seeing a Niltave chick

  2. Hi Madi

    This is too small (proportionally) to be a Large Niltava. My guess would be a Snowy-browed Flycatcher. Where there any around?

  3. I haven't come across any SB Flyc in the area.Without any ref it is hard to tell the size, but that chick was bigger than an adult Asian Brown flyc.

  4. Salam, rasanya ni anak Snowy browed FC. Semalam (Ahad), I saw male SBFC feeding its chick which looks like this.