04 March, 2010

Sorry I Forgot: Eurasian Tree Sparrows

26th February 2010, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Went  back to my parent’s house in Kota Bharu  for a wedding. Shot some birds around the house. I realized then that I haven’t  really shot photos of the Eurasian Tree Sparrows due to the fact that they  are so  common. Anyway, here they are. I  wasn’t  expecting them to throw in a surprise.



The timber gazebo is where they usually congregate.



  1. Hum,
    This post came up a few days ago, but when clicked it said it did not exist. Nice shots of these cute little birds.

  2. Nice shots Madi. We put up boxes for Tree Sparrows since they suffered declines during agricultural changes and practices in the UK in the last 30 years. Make sure the same things dont happen to your birds

  3. Yeah i had the same that it didnt exist - Anyway seen the images now and how amusing is that last one. Great stuff Madi

  4. Like Randy said, you teased us with 'Sparrow' tittle for a few days.
    Very nice behavior shots.

  5. Srange the male is the same colour as the female/
    unless you have gay birds in your part of town.

  6. Sorry, There was an error message for the earlier posting. So deleted and reposted.
    The female is smaller and the crown is duller