13 January, 2010

I think : Dark-Sided Flycatcher ?

2nd January 2010,  Kemensah, Selangor

She looks like a Dark-Sided Flycatcher.  Asian Brown?



  1. That is so cheered me up!
    Flycatchers are my favourite birds. The one coming to the UK is the Spotted variety. I always look our for them in April/May and am very disappointed if they miss out a year.
    They are so alert and I love seeing them on the phone line thru the garden ( the one carrying this message and at the moment laden with 4 inches of snow)

  2. Frits from the Netherlands ( Holland)January 13, 2010 at 11:17 PM

    Hello madibirder,nice pictures,and I look in all my books.I think it’s a Asian Brown Flycatcher (dauurica) Sambar Asian.The bill is not 100 % black.That is what I see in A field guide West Malaysia and Singapore( Allen Jeyarajasingam ).
    A Dark-Sided Flycatcher ( sibirica ) Sambar Siberia have a 100 % black bill.
    But that’s my opinion !?!Thes birds have sometimes strange colors,and so on.And then it is difficult.

    Best regards from Frits in Holland

  3. Madi, looks like a Dark-sided Fly to me. Good shots...

  4. The bill looks like Asian Brown.
    Oh.. maybe mix species. ;)
    Anyway nicely captured.

  5. Thanks guys. Looks like a split decision.