25 January, 2010

Dapat Isteri Muda: Chestnut-Winged Babblers

23rd January 2010,  Kemensah, Selangor

At one point along the new trail we  could hear the  distinctive calls of  the Chestnut-Winged Babblers . Shortly afterwards we spotted this couple  just hopping  away in the thick ferns along the steep bank. Sometimes we could hear  spurts  of fluttering sound when they flew  across the trail, maybe to check us out. After decicing that we were not a threat they soon relaxed and went about their usual  business.

One bird  had paler grey and lighter chestnut colour and she didn’t have the whites on the neck , presumably a young bird.

With  better lighting  we had a great time taking these shots.







Anything interesting down there?

























‘Hey where to go for honeymoon huh? I heard there’s a beautiful  Bali style resort the near the Telekom tower, very romantic '. 








  1. Betul betul! You caught the guys red-handed! Rare opportunity because they never stopped moving. They must be shocked to discover a peeping tom among them. Congrats!

  2. Beautiful pair.
    I though the photographer 'beristeri muda' LOL

  3. beautiful...see you soon my friend at the new trail I mean...