31 January, 2013

Red-Rumped Swallows

19th January 2013, Batang Tiga , Melaka

Species: Red-rumped Swallows

Local Name:

Scientific Name: Cecropis daurica

Equipment: Nikon 1 V1 + Nikkor AFS-VR 400mm f/2.8G + TC20EIII

It was  windy  with intermitent drizzle throughout the day and these Striated Swallows were ‘sunning’ themselves on the dirt road, trying to get away from the blustery condition.


An adult with dark plumage and  long tail-streamers


As usually the case in the animal world the juvenile has lighter or dull colours.


  1. These are actually Red-rumped. Separating the two is complicated, but basically, the only "Striated" form to occur here is the so-called Rufous-bellied Swallow, a resident of limestone outcrops.

  2. Thanks Dave for the enlightening info. I will make the necessary correction.