03 December, 2011

Brown Wood Owl : True Colours

30th October 2011, Fraser’s Hill, Pahang.


I wouldn’t have known that she was there had it not been for  a helpful  caretaker of a house who pointed out her position. It was an ideal perch along a quiet stretch of the Telekom Loop, a sheltered branch of a large tree and dimly lit … perfect for an owl during daytime.

It is the same species of Owl which I photographed  at nightime in front Jelai Resort a few weeks earlier. The colours are just so different in daylight.


Half asleep,  I don’t think she’d welcome any kind of disturbance.




  1. You're really lucky! It's not the kind of owl you'd see easily during the day and you also managed to get some decent shots too.

  2. Thanks ayuwat, Mun. Yes lucky I guess.

  3. wow....nice shot! i noticed you upgraded from a f/4 to f/2.8 lens.

  4. Wow! She is so beautiful creature! The pics are lovely! Thanks for sharing. Well done!