05 November, 2011

Blue-Winged Leafbird

9th October 2011, Semenyih, Selangor


A colourful male Blue-winged Leafbird stopped to rest underneath some shade, away from the burning sun.







  1. Leafbirds are wonderful birds, aren't they.
    Love the bright yellow head the Malaysian race has. Looking much better than the greener-headed one in Thailand.

  2. I'am amaze by your beautiful shot of the leafbirds. I enjoyed watching all of your birds capture. Keep it up. I will be back to browse yr blog.
    If I may suggest, if you could also capture the song by the bird, it would be really a heritage of our future generation.
    Mataziz, Cheras

  3. Tq Mataziz,.capturing the sound of these beautiful birds is another passion altogether. I know a few individuals who just concentrate on recording bird call/sound. For the time being what gives me great satisfaction is capturing images of the beautiful creatures. Btw you can listen/ download the sound files of birds at Xeno canto website.