18 November, 2011

Cattle Egret’s Buffalocade

14th October 2011, Bidor, Perak


Cattle King: Is the ferry service ready Mr Buffalo?… That’s probably what the egret was enquiring.

Mr Buffalo: At your service  Cattle King


Mr Buffalo: Hop on…. a few extra  bodyguards just to be sure.







Cattle King: Oh oh….What’s up  Special Agent Myna?

Agent Myna:  Looks like we have some security issues, better not leave this Buffalocade. There’s a funny looking guy eyeing us through a scope!

Cattle King: Oh… come on, this is Bidor. They don’t shoot Egrets  out here… do they?

Agent Myna: ‘One can’t be too sure Cattle King. From what I hear things are quite bad in Kuala Selangor, they are not locals and egrets are their delicacy!'


1 comment:

  1. Ahaha, Cattle King, that's hilarious)) The King seems to be very heavy if you look at the last picture, the oxen look quite exhausted