04 March, 2011

Buffy Fish-Owl

26th  February 2011, Kemensah , Selangor

Buffy Fish-Owl. Local name : Ketupa Ketupu

I’ve  heard locals say that there are owls in the area. A friend who has  a fish pond there mentioned that the owls would come   to catch fish from his pond. For me, so far no owl…… until last Saturday,  and with a little help from my friend ( his identity will be revealed in the next post).

I saw a large bird flew down from a very tall tree to roost on a low branch about 200 ft away. Looked through the viewfinder and saw an owl with long ear tufts. Excited,  that’s probably an understatement! My heart was pounding. Problem was, she was on the other side of a ditch with water knee-deep. Oh no! I wont let a small problem  like this get between me and my Owl.  Took a few long-range shots as security and then waded across carrying  the gear on my shoulder.

Crept nearer and nearer up the hill towards her, in my heart just hoping that she wouldn’t fly away. At last I was in good range for some decent shots. Just as I was about to push the button she flew onto a higher branch. Alas, now I have another factor to contend with…. severe backlighting. Anyway these are the result,


The long-range shots




My first recorded owl for Kemensah


  1. That's one super owl. Congratulations. Your efforts were most fruitful!

  2. Those are lovely shots.Hope to see the owl there one of these days.Glad you are sharing your efforts with birders who are only armed with binocs! Hope to see you in action when we go there next.

  3. What a cool owl! Heard a Great Horned Owl calling in our woods this morning. Only the second time I can recall heard one in 12 years here. It was very vocal too!