13 March, 2011

Aaaaargh Missed!

5th March 2011, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.


Usually what gets posted are the  images of  a frozen moment in time  which one feels is worth sharing. Have you ever wondered about the ‘moments of magic’ that you missed while shooting that couldn’t get posted simply  because the images are only in your head and not on your  disk?  The Aaaar..ghs, the Oh Nos,  the flicking of a finger, these are the common reactions of the missed moments. And in more severe cases, the pulling out of one’s hair,  banging one’s head against a hard object like a tree trunk or a boulder that you’re using as a hide, sound familiar?; or  hyperventilating and looking in the bag for a  sphygmomanometer !

Of course luck has a lot to do with the final outcome but it’s a constant reminder that you never ever  let your guard down when you’re out there or you could be doing one  or all of those things mentioned.

This is an example of one such  moment, caught by my brother Mohd Rosman Hassan while WE were shooting TOGETHER at Bukit Tinggi. ( Photos used with permission).


Silver Breasted Broadbills




Madi's SB broadbill

And I came home with this beautiful piece of stick!  And in case you’re wondering…..I DIDN’T DO ANY OF THOSE THINGS….. I’M COOOOL .

emoticon fire a


  1. That was a difficult shot to attempt Madi but with such a difficult exposure and pose it very nearly came off - 99% I'm afrid. I've got lots of shots like the last one and I often say "If only birds didn't have wings"

  2. This is lovely!

    Kah Wai