28 September, 2010

I Like It Raw : Blue-Winged Leafbird

25th September 2010, Kemensah, Selangor

A young female  preparing her  food  ( a leaf insect),  banging it against the  tree branch before swallowing it whole.

_DSC0224_f _DSC0223_f


I’m wondering why the eyering on this  female Blue-winged Leafbird is so prominent like that of a   female Greater  Green Leafbird?


  1. A great set of pictures Madi. Just shows how ell camouflaged the bird (and the prey) is in the canopy. I bet it wasn't so easy to get those photos.

  2. Hi Madi,

    I asked Dr David Wells to take a look at your pics and this was his comment (passed on with permission): "This is a juv. Blue-winged, evidently a male as only males can have a yellow eyering. This is not a common feature in the south of the Peninsula, and the strength of the yellow is certainly out of the ordinary for this species."

    So thanks for the educational set of pics!


  3. Hi Dave,
    So that's what it is, a juv male! I was quite puzzled when trying to ID this bird.Thanks Dave for your effort and thanks to Dr Wells for looking at these pics and providing the correct info.

  4. Thanks for sharing MB, and the reply by digdeep on Dr. David Wells's comment is educational indeed.