25 November, 2009

Scarlet-Backed Flowerpecker: fire in the bush

22nd  November 2009, Kemensah, Selangor


Photographing a  tiny, quick moving Flowerpecker  is always a challenge and  this one is no exception. He was constantly  flying  from one branch to another which made waiting for a clean shot  not good for your blood pressure! .   This is a male   Scarlet-Backed Flowerpecker (Dicaeum cruentatum) local name: Sepah Puteri Merah








Flowerpeckers love this hairy but succulent fruit
















Ferrari always comes to mind whenever the word scarlet is mentioned . Well, they may not be loud and quick  as the ‘prancing horse’ but to me they  are in a category of their own in terms of beauty.



  1. This bird is definitely in its own category or beauty, Madi! You got great photos of him. How on earth is he going to eat that fruit; it is almost as big as his head. cheers, Wilma

  2. Hi Wilma, I've added another photo to show how it's done.
    Thanks all for your comments.

  3. Thanks for adding that shot, Madi! Once again a picture is worth a thousand words ...