11 November, 2009

Greater Coucal: but but but it’s not true

7th November 2009, Kemensah, Selangor
Camera & lens pinjam  dgn Rosman


This is the only shot of my lifer that day, a Greater Coucal  ( Centropus sinensis) local name: Burung But-But. Seen her  twice before but never a chance for a shot. Not a very good photo of a rather elusive and shy bird but it’ll do for now.

Sadly there’s a myth associated with these birds  which  put them high on the poacher’s list. There are stories that they will heal their broken bones within a day. For this reason they are hunted to produce ointments  (Minyak But-But) meant for broken bones and they do not come cheap.

I guess people will believe anything since it’s not their head on the chopping block.


  1. In kelantan, the local folks are also saying the same and it is also popular cure for asthma too.

  2. No wonder the bird is elusive!

  3. Any scientific study for this?