28 September, 2009

Black-Winged Stilts of Kampong Sabak

22 September 2009, Kampong Sabak, Kelantan



Went back to Kota Bharu for a week during the  Hari Raya break. Managed to squeeze in half a day of birding at Kampong Sabak. As we anticipated the waders were there.

Observed a flock of feeding Black-Winged Stilts (Himantopus himantopus).




They were unaware of  the  mist net erected  nearby by unscrupulous locals to catch  unsuspecting victims.

A sad ending after a long journey for a sandpiper


  1. So long the legs. That why we called it " Kedidi Kaki Panjang". The only kedidi that I have seen is Common Sandpiper.
    So sad that they let the bird die like that. Tak cukup lauk raya?

  2. What beautiful captures in flight and on foot... and how tragic for the little guy who was caught up in a thoughtless net. Was this catch for food? Clearly some creatures food. No dignity in a death like that.

  3. Hi Carol,
    I don't think they do this out of hunger, people just do crazy things for no reason at all. It's sad.