02 August, 2009

Pink-Necked Green-Pigeons at SMK Tmn. Melawati

26 July 2009, Taman Melawati, Selangor


_DSC1242 Went the the School after receiving information that a flock of 5-8 Little Pigeons have been coming regularly to a nearby fruiting tree . When the birds came I could see that they were actually Pink-Necked Green-Pigeons (Treron vernans). Never mind, appreciate the info. At least it was an opportunity to improve on the existing photos.


_DSC1287 The female is greener than the male and lacks the orange patch on the breast.




  1. Beautiful set of Burung Punai.
    You found the fruiting tree - ficus / Ara

  2. Wow...Beautiful...
    Also known as Punai Gading...