29 May, 2009

Fraser’s Hill 1st May 2009


Black-Browed Barbet near the Smokehouse

Went to Fraser's Hill on Labour Day. It wasn’t meant to be a birding outing but somehow it finally ended up as such.
It was quite a revelation to me to experience the difference between taking photos of birds at this Hill station and the Kemensah Forest (my local turf).
The birds were so used to people that one could easily get very close without spooking them away, a contrast to Kemensah whereby any sudden movement would mean bye bye birdie!
It's pretty amazing that we managed to photograph 5 different birds in a relatively short time.
Met a birder, Redzlan A.R who was firing away with his Cannon (or was it.... Canon).
Insya Allah, this would be a start to many other trips to Fraser’s Hill.

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