16 December, 2012

Reaching Out To Shore Birds: Nikon V1

4th November 2012, Pantai Remis, Jeram and Kuala Selangor , Selangor

Equipment: Nikon V1+FT1 adapter, , Nikkor AFS 400mm f2.8ED VR+TC20EIII

When it comes to shore birds I ‘m always wishing for longer reach as far as the camera setup is concerned

This time the objective  was to test the newly acquired Nikon V1, a relatively cheap camera (less than half its original price with the new Nikon V2 looming on the horizon)  but packs quite a punch with its 2.7x crop factor. Coupled  with my current 400mm lens and 2X teleconverter (via the FT1 adapter) I would be shooting with an effective focal length of 2160mm  and complete with autofocus!. My only concern about this  little camera is the small sensor and how much detail it would be able to capture.

The day started at Pantai Remis…….


A Little Heron and Whiskered Terns basking  in the early morning sun


Time to get rid of the itch


As the sun rose higher the  temperature and humidity soared, things began to get a little uncomfortable, A Collared Kingfisher getting some respite from the blazing  hot sun.


A lone Little Egret amongst a group of Common Redshanks and Terek Sandpipers





Curlew sandpipers


A few Red-necked stints were busy on the mud flat


A Little heron catching small fish in the pools of water left by the receeding tide


We drove to Kuala Selangor with the hope of finding some  migrant Kingfishers to photograph. We were greeted by the sight of a  hunting Grey Heron.




At last, a  migrant Kingfisher!


A Black-capped Kingfisher would select a  hidden perch and would disappear into the thicker mangrove upon the slightest movement that you make.


Hiding behind some very tall grass I was able to get quite close to this extremely shy Kingfisher


We drove to Jeram  on our last leg of the trip. We found a pair of Common Kingfishers taking a rest after its hunting spree.

Equipment: Nikon D7000, , Nikkor AFS 400mm f2.8ED VR+TC20EIII


Looks like a young Kingfisher judging by the  pale orange underpart




A Lesser Adjutant taking its afternoon constitutional along the waters edge.

Equipment: Nikon V1+FT1 adapter, , Nikkor AFS 400mm f2.8ED VR+TC20EIII

This trip turned out better than expected in terms of bird species and I was more than happy with the results from the Nikon V1, not bad for a camera with a tiny sensor.

After all the driving and staying out in the hot sun……………..it was time for a TOP-UP of  CHOLESTEROL and lots of  cold coconut drink !DSC_4944

My 3 brothers. Left: Rosly Hassan, middle: Rosdeen Hassan, right: Rosman Hassan (arm only)


  1. Looks like you had a good trip. The Kingfishers were good but my favourite is still the Adjutant.

    1. Thanks Mun. The Adjutant was about 120 meters away but this new camera was still able to capture the detail. I'm quite happy how the photos turned out.